Ricardo - Engineer & Long standing FFET Member

I changed my attitude, cleaned up my diet & increased my exercise regime frequency. Now I'm back to a weight that I haven't been for years. Don't get me wrong I still have my cheat meals & sweet tooth still gets the better of me sometimes.


Fizz - Police Officer

Functional Fit ET is good vibes. A friendly & encouraging community that make you feel at home every session. There’s great programming & knowledgeable coaches to push you to reach your goals including 1:1 meetings to hone in on your nutrition with supportive follow up. Couldn’t recommend a better place to support a happy & fit lifestyle.


Zak - Functional Fit East Tamaki Coach 

I love Functional Fitness for the constantly varied training, this keeps me motivated. FFET surrounds me with a group of like-minded individuals who provided the support I needed to achieve transformation. Most importantly, this lead to what I truly sought: Confidence.