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Do you get sore or injured after golf?


Are you finding that you’re losing distance as you get older or you just can't hit the ball as far as your mates?


Is your big belly getting in the way of your swing changing your swing mechanics?  


Do you find you’re fatiguing during your rounds and starting to make mistakes?


All these problems are frustrating and are related to your lack of Golf Fitness..

The frustration and pain you are experiencing is because your body is not strong and flexible enough to perform the way you want it to.


To overcome this you need a gym with a golf specific training programme.

Something that is tailored to the needs of the golfer, not just the muscle bound gym junkie.


At Functional Fit East Tamaki we are on a mission to build strong, injury free golfers that can not just play golf, but perform at a high level late into life. That's why with the help of the PGA professionals at Pakuranga Golf club we have developed Golf-Fit.


Maybe you've thought about going to the gym before to lose some weight, get stronger, fitter, and more flexible but you had no idea where to start. Gyms are confusing and can be intimidating.

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Thats why joining one of our small group classes is going to solve your frustration.

  • You will have a coach every session 

  • You will be taught all the exercises in a safe environment 

  • You will be told what to do taking away the guesswork

  • You will drastically reduce the risk of pain and niggles from golf

  • You will lose fat 

  • You will become more mobile and flexible for golf  

  • You will start to hit the ball further 

And you will be able to maintain better focus throughout rounds


You will become Golf-Fit.