Wednesday 8th January

Intent for Strength Work:

Deadlifts: Drop the bum, tight back & scaps ana activate your midline. Drive heels into the ground.

Strict Press: Draw rib cage down tight (like you're about to be punched in the stomach).

Drive elbows under the bar.

Push Press: Strong dip and drive, weight through heels and get your head through.

Pull ups: Tight midline and hold strong position throughout the pull up (like a gymnast)

Lope climbs: Fast, strong pulls if you're doing legless. Strong foot bite so the rope doesn't slip every bite.

Intent for Conditioning:

- Smooth barbell cycling and skill work under fatigue.

- Aim to move fast, however this shouldn't be to the detriment of moving well.

- Stay tight on the barbell movements, fast pulls on the hangs and powerful shoulder to overhead.

- On the skill stuff stay efficient and hold strong positions throughout the movements.

- This will get tough so aim to minimise rest and break movements up into smart sets.

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