Friday 17th January

Intent for the Unilateral Strength Work:

- The Split Squats are there to encourage core stability, while developing leg strength individually on each leg

- Stay tall and strong - don't fold in half

- Don't let your knee go too far over the toe of each working leg

- The Strict Press is there between sets to get some pressing work in

Intent for the Conditioning:

- Starts off with some dedicated time for some good barbell work

- We encourage you to hold onto the barbell and get some good barbell recycling in

- Smooth and efficient with the barbell will be key

- The second part will need to be paced a little with the run/row taking up move of the time

- Move through the Power Snatches and Burpees at a good controlled pace

- Once the first part of this workout is done, rip straight into the Squat Cleans

- Stay close to the bar and go

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