Monday 20th January

Intent for EMOM Work:

- The first part is a chance to get some good concentrated lifting in, the emom will keep accountable, but it will still be plenty of time for some good tech work.

- Think about staying strong off the ground, and holding back angles and tension through the first pull

- The goal on the second piece is to get some heavy barbell cycling work in under fatigue.

- Push the run, hard, and try to push the barbell work by stepping up to the bar quickly on each rep, setting up quickly and ripping into each rep. No misses is the goal here, stay quick

Intent for the Conditioning:

- The workout will be a good test to see how long you can hold on to the barbell and the wall balls here.

- Don't think too much about a strategy today and try to front load a wee bit and see how long they can hold on for.

- With descending reps it will allow for a little bit more push towards the end of the workout.

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