Thursday 23rd January

Intent for Strength Circuit Work:

- Keep moving throughout the full 20 minutes

- Main point is to get across all the strength work to help injury prevention

- These movements allow us to get into our positions during lifts and help tension through movements.

Intent for Conditioning:

- This workout is aimed at testing your grit in regards to pushing to hold onto the barbell under a decent amount fatigue, as well as a fair bit of grip strength work.

- The smoother and faster the barbell is moved the easier it will be to hold onto each round, you do not need to hit touch and go reps.

- You should at least try and hold on for as long as possible on each round to get to the shoulder to overhead as quick as possible.

- The aim is to front load the workout, and for you to get through as many reps as you can in the first round while the weight is a light.

Then be as efficient as possible in the following round and hold on

- Once you get to the burpees, the only idea here is to dig deep and push to finish it as hard as you can.

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