Tuesday 21st January

Intent for the EMOM:

- As with Monday, this is a good chance to get some good concentrated lifting in, the emom will keep accountable, but it will still be plenty of time for some good tech work

- Think about staying strong off the ground, and holding back angles, being quick into the catch and making sure the jerk dip and drive is vertical (ie not letting elbows drop), and driving bar up through the heels.

- If you're split jerking, think about moving your feet fast.

Intent for the Conditioning:

- Fight gone bad style is 1 min max efforts on each

- no real strategy here, move fast.

- Hold on for as long as possible on each minute, and work for the rest time.

- The loads are light which can mean consistent moving.

- Stay accountable for rest time and trying to keep the pace and reps up

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