Wednesday 22nd January

Intent for Skill Work:

- Each round is to be done as quickly as possible.

- Scale for current skill level.

- The RX members of class can look at choosing the tougher options here and working on their technical movement and speed.

Intent for the Agility Work:

- The goal here is speed development and to improve ability to quickly change direction.

- You'll start with a side shuttle/shuffle hit the 7m cone, turn quickly and sprint to the finish cone.

- Speed, speed, speed

Intent for the Conditioning:

- This is similar to the last open workout in that you can split this up any way you like.

- The goal with this piece is to think critically about your workout, and be able to find the fastest way to get through with a good sound strategy.

- It's a good chance to discuss with other people around strategy and compare.

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