Wednesday 19th February

Intent for the Mixed Modal Capacity:

- The first part of this piece should be a bit of a push to get get the work done.

- Gives you a good chance to get some good skill work in during a workout

- Also a chance to get some good cycling work in as well.

- You'll need to be strategic with this - with the reps decreasing, push the pace

- The second part is all about going heavy and moving some load under fatigue

Intent for the Run / Hypoxic Work:

- We don't usually get the chance to work purely on running and breathing

- The goal here is to push the pace on the first 200m breathing only through the nose, which will make the hard pretty tough

- Bring the pace right back down at the 200m mark for that recovery jog

- The point behind this is to get the body efficient with low oxygen during tough efforts.

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